Effective February 28, 2017, Med25 operations have fully transitioned to VillageReach, a non-profit dedicated to increasing access to healthcare at the last mile. For more information.

Ghana was our first project - we worked closely with the community and local government to establish healthcare facilities, create local, income-generating businesses, and address HIV treatment in the context of overall health.


HIV care in the context of comprehensive care

Our efforts in Ghana were critical in helping us learn that we should not isolate HIV care. In fact, HIV care is best done in the context of comprehensive health care. We should focus on providing healthcare to all people.

Partnership with local government is key

Although some governments are not in a place to provide ongoing financial support, partnering with them and getting their support for our approach in creating the local, revenue-generating business has been both advantageous and more easy to sustain in the long term.


  • Created an HIV/AIDS Care Center which included a clinic, nursery school, vocational school, and orphanage

  • Strong partnership with the Ghana AIDS Commission and Ghanaian Ministry of Health- Ghana AIDS Commission funded ongoing operations of clinic once facility was built.

  • Constructed 4 facilities and provided the first 3 years of financial support for operations 

  • Successfully ‘turned over’ facility to local CBO and government in 2009