a letter from the med25 board of directors

Dear MED25 Family and Friends,
As you are an important part of our MED25 community, we’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely THANK YOU for your support over the last 10 years! We are where we are today as a result of your dedication to our work and the communities we have served. We’ve accomplished a great deal together and are excited to share a fantastic next step for MED25. This step allows us to have far greater impact than we could have ever accomplished on our own.
We are thrilled to announce that MED25 is joining our partner, VillageReach!
VillageReach’s mission is to save lives and improve health by increasing access to quality healthcare for the most underserved communities, which is also a guiding principle of the MED25 Model. We feel very fortunate to begin this new phase of our work under VillageReach, a well-respected Seattle-based organization with a diverse team of expertise that adds tremendous value to the MED25 Model as we seek to expand its impact.  The clear mission alignment of both organizations makes this a perfect fit.
Our Founder and Executive Director, Rebecca Okelo, has joined this team as a full-time employee dedicated to the ‘MED25 Program’ with all funds previously raised by MED25 reserved for future MED25 Program operations.  All operations and assets were transitioned to VillageReach effective February 28, 2017. 
You may remember that we highlighted VillageReach as a partner at our September 2016 Benefit.  As VillageReach President Evan Simpson shared that evening, we were working toward incorporating the MED25 Model into new and existing VillageReach programs. The positive feedback we received from the global health community about the MED25 Model confirmed the value of the Model as a unique vehicle to bring quality healthcare to the most underserved communities. This led us to focus on the best way to implement the MED25 Model in more communities and maximize its impact. As our conversations progressed, we realized greater impact could be achieved by integrating MED25 into VillageReach, becoming a new program within their growing portfolio. We believe this collaboration is right for MED25 as an organization and to maximize the impact of the MED25 Model.
This is an exciting opportunity to scale the model that has operated so well in communities like Mbita.  The Mbita project continues to be 100% sustained through local MED25 income generating businesses (since the end of 2015). We have transitioned all leadership responsibilities to the team in Kenya. They operate independently, with occasional strategic guidance, and continue to serve a vital purpose in the community. 
You, MED25, and VillageReach share a strong commitment to improving healthcare through sustainable, community-led innovation, a value that we know will continue to drive our work ahead. To continue to support the MED25 Model’s impact on communities in need of vital healthcare services, please dedicate future donations to ‘Med25’ through VillageReach’s platform.
We look forward to your joining us as we begin this exciting next chapter!
The MED25 Board

Rebecca Okelo, Founder & Executive Director .                           Dave Kregenow, Treasurer

Mari Anderson, Chair                                                                      Jon Conte

Paul Kett, Vice-Chair                                                                       Holly Ferraro

Anita Jablonski, Secretary                                                             Michael Rona, Board Emeritus


A Message from VillageReach's President, Evan Simpson

Dear MED25 Supporters,

First, I would like to extend my appreciation to you for supporting MED25.  Through dedicated individuals like you, innovative ideas evolve into sustainable change, as evidenced by the incredible progress and impact MED25 has achieved thus far.  I am excited by the addition of MED25 as a new program within the VillageReach portfolio. Given the close synergies of our missions and the capabilities of our two organizations, we are well positioned to extend the impact of the MED25 Model to more communities. 

Our team is thrilled to have the chance to work with Rebecca, a passionate leader who deeply understands the challenges at the last mile and who shares a strong commitment to sustainability and community-led innovation.  The integration of MED25 under VillageReach allows us to put more resources towards developing new social enterprises that significantly increase access to quality healthcare for the most underserved communities. The prospect of the work ahead is incredibly exciting, and it represents an extension of your past support of MED25. So again, I thank you for your part in contributing to this next phase of our work.

I look forward to the opportunity to share more information on the next steps of the MED25 program. I invite you to follow our progress through VillageReach communications online, social media, and our newsletter.

As Rebecca indicated, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Evan Simpson